My Thoughts on the Subject

This site is a bit about me and my interests- I really just want to express my thoughts on life as I experience it- life, love, marriage, work, family, children, grandchildren- in no particular order or schedule. I’m fascinated by the ever expanding & observable universe we live in, and continue to wonder on how it & we got here, and how then are we supposed to live in it?

The majesty & mystery of creation and how small (tiny) human beings are in relation to it, and yet with the ability to build and beautify or wantonly consume and destroy our perfectly suitable environment weighs heavily on a conscious person’s conscience. What is a thinking person to do? Can I make a difference at all or are we just the pawns of our inner competing destructive instincts gone wild?

Well, I believe the former and somehow trust it’s possible to overcome my worst tendencies and build something beautiful with a little help from my friends.

How is it that humanity evolved with not just physical characteristics, but emotional and dare I say spiritual yearnings, longings and experiences as well, that seem to be the most important dimensionality human beings can aspire to? Is it evolution or something more profound? The ancients declared man to be made in the image and likeness of the divine being. Could this really be possible and if so, how does that change the way we view the world and our place in it?

Laocoon & Sons- Greek artist unknown 30-40 BC

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